Supplies & Tips

Supplies & Tips

Napa Self Storage

For your convenience, Storage By George sells several types of packing and protective items.


Supplies we offer:

  • Sturdy packing and file/ record boxes in varying sizes
  • Strong packing tape and dispensers
  • Protective mattress covers
  • Dish and glassware packing
  • Bubble and paper wrapping
  • Insulated packing blankets


Tips on packing and storage:

  • Make a plan for organizing your unit
  • Determine which items to store upright, or dismantle
  • Decide which items can be packed inside larger items
  • Pack your possessions in sturdy containers — either strong packing boxes or heavy-duty bins
  • Seal boxes well
  • Label your boxes on all sides in large easy-to-read print
  • Create an aisle in your unit for easier access
  • Position most needed items closer to the entrance and store heaviest items on the bottom
  • If storing appliances, first clean them thoroughly, then leave doors of refrigerators and microwaves open slightly to prevent mildew
  • Utilize the professional packing supplies we offer